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I was sitting at this chair last night, this very chair I am typing this entry, looking at this selfsame computer, when I felt something sharp on my left foot. At first I thought that there was a nail or something under my desk, but then I realized that something bit me.

I jumped out of my chair and onto our bed, where I saw my big toe was bleeding. I didn't see what bit me, but I can only assume that it was a mouse. I've seen one around the apartment lately.

I was freaking out, thinking that I was going to have to get a series of rabies shots. We called the nurse hotline, and he said that only 4% of people have any adverse affects from rodent bites, and they're not likely to carry rabies. So I just have to watch it for the next few days and see if there's any swelling or rashes.

We've been half-ass about mouse traps and poisons before. We don't leave food out and we have a few traps out, but mainly we figured that there's no way to completely eliminate mice in a rowhouse, so live and let live. But now its personal. Matthew is going to load up on supplies tonight. Until then, I'm wearing shoes at all times.


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