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I hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas too!


My boys wore the matching sweaters their great-grandma made them at Christmas Eve mass, but Brendan was carted out by Matthew shortly after this picture. This was the last straw. I need to find a new church. I need a crying room, one of those soundproof ones with the window and speaker so I can still hear Mass and Brendan can run around screaming. I'm having trouble finding one around here, but I did find one online that's 16 miles away in Beltsville. The church in Clarksville also seems nice and is only 5 miles away, but it doesn't say on the website if they have a crying room.

I think I left my wallet behind at church too, and of course the offices are closed until Wednesday. No one has used my credit card, so I hope its just sitting in the lost and found, or it might still be under my chair.


Brendan was cranky in the morning, and ran away saying "No, no" when we first brought him to the presents. Once he realized there were toys in there he came back. His favorite toy is the $5 Mr. Potato Head. He's played with it for hours. Mr. Head has already "lost" his flimsy eyeglasses, which did not stay on well and led to him yelling for Mommy to fix it many times.


Greg did not seem to notice it was Christmas. He was very tired because he stayed up until midnight watching Love,Actually with us. 


Here's a nice little jab from my mother for Christmas. The first present we opened from her was a baby book for Greg. She had asked me if I wanted one and I told her no, because I never filled out Brendan's and was even less likely to do it for the second child. Then we got this scale. There was one present left from here, so we were really excited to see what guilt-trip it would be, but it was just mixing bowls. I can't find out any message there.


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