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I got my wish for a child who's a late-night owl like me. Unfortunately, I still have the early bird too. While Greg and I are blissfully sleeping, Biggie brings me my glasses and says with hope "Bo? Elmo?" I don't remember if I wrote about The Bo before. As soon as we moved here he started calling the basement where he has his playroom Bo, maybe from "Below"? He also calls playgrounds Bos too, so who knows.

Then at night when Biggie is ready to sleep, Greg is ready to party! I can't complain too much, there's still a six hour overlap when they're both sleeping.

Trivia Finals were today, and we won! We won $1200, split 10 ways. A nice bonus at Christmas. And I helped lead us to the right answer for the final question. It was "What is the largest country (by population) whose capital is the largest city?" I'll put the answer in comments. There was also a neat bit of trivia I hadn't heard of before-Sylvester Stallone is the only actor to have been in a #1 movie in every decade since the 70s, including this one. How is it that we're already in the second decade of this century? I feel like I missed a few years there.


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