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All I've wanted to do in the last few days is sit around being sad for no reason and eat junk food.  Its quite boring.

I did put pants on today, so that was better than yesterday, and went to the trivia semifinals for my team.  I put Greg in the Ergo and took him with me, because he was just miserable when I left him home last time.  He was so good!  I only missed two questions when I took him out to the car for a break and he spent most of the 3 hours either sleeping or staring at the red tinsel on the ceiling.  My team, BAM (because everyone on it has been on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) tied for fourth, so we just made it to the finals next year.  Hopefully we can do better next week.  The final question (which we got wrong) was "What meat is eaten the most in the world by pounds consumed?  Chicken, beef, or pork?"

Brendan has finally noticed he has a baby brother.  I wish he still was ignoring his existence, because now he wants to hug him and hold him all the time.  The only problem is he likes to hug him around the neck.


Then yesterday I had Gregory on the couch next to me. I look away for a second and when I look back Brendan is holding Greg's nose shut. He got sent to his room for the first time for that one (for two minutes). Now I have the baby trying to kill himself as all babies do, plus his brother trying to help him along. How does anyone make it to adulthood?

*answer to the trivia question: Its pork, by a lot. We said chicken, because we figured chickens are everywhere and no major religions forbid eating them. But I guess the fatness of hogs makes up for that.
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