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At 3:30 the doors opened at the hotel conference room in Baltimore. There were about 50 people in our group, some from the Wheelmobile event in October, and some from the "Face of the Fan" video entry that I did. We all got called to stand up where we were and call letters for the puzzle on the overhead screen. I was surprised by how many people still called letters that had already been called or didn't speak up at this audition.

I was complimented by Jackie on my loud, clear voice (thank you my four brothers!). I solved my puzzle and won a tote bag. It goes nicely with my collection, doesn't it?

SWAG_zps92ab66fd photo SWAG_zps92ab66fd.jpg

The test was hard! We had five minutes to solve as many as possible. They were like the ones you'd see on the show, but with one or two letters filled in. Fiendish! I got nine right out of fifteen, and partially completed a few more. They're looking for people for whom 30 is a special number for them (age, anniversary, years at a job) for a special anniversary week. I missed them looking for 30-year-olds by one year, darn it. The hotel had provided us with pitchers of water and mints in the back of the room, which was a nice touch.

20 people passed the test and went to the next round, including me! I was in a smart row, the two people
next to me also passed. Then we got to go up and play the game again, this time introducing ourselves and giving a short bio and any interesting hobbies. I feel like I didn't really have anything interesting about myself. My interesting hobby was I tried to read 52 books last year, and failed. I did read 47, but I reread all of L.M. Montgomery's books, which accounts for 20 of that number. We spun an imaginary wheel while Jackie spun the portable one. I solved another puzzle that round.

After that, they went into the back room, then came back and called five people to play the game again. I don't know if that means I'm already out, or they just were on the fence about those five. They said we'll get a letter in the mail in two weeks if we made it. We were out of there at 6 p.m., into a torrential downpour. I lost one of my windshield wipers on the way home and had to keep craning my neck around to the side of the windshield that was clear, but it was worth it!

They also said they had some cancellations for the week after, so it might be that they would call one of us that night to fill in. My phone buzzed at trivia that night and I was certain it was them, but I couldn't check it until half-time. Of course it was just a text from a friend.

The two weeks were up yesterday, and no letter. I figured they said two weeks to be the absolute longest we should wait. Then this came today.

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